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This started out well, and I liked your description of the ice on the windows.
I like your wise parents, who turned what could have been disaster into a teachable moment and the show of happiness that came to the family.
I love how they turned lemons into lemonade (LOL to coin a cliche'), and the wonderful answers each child came up with. Enjoyed this.
Well done. The first half is strong and descriptive the story line seemed to trail off a bit. Good insight into the kids.
I enjoyed the family's banter. You did a great job with age-appropriate dialogue. I had no problem following who said what.
What a wonderful husband, knowing that Christmas lights were important to his wife, and desperate shed 'light' on the situation. I loved the family bonding here. And the description of the ice. Nicely done!
I liked it, pancakes and all. Course, my dad was always creative like that when the power went out in our house. :)
Loved this and the creative angle it took to explore the many reasons lights are used at Christmas. I liked it, too, how each character had to stop and think about it, rather than recite something they may have heard elsewhere.

This is a good reminder that when things don't go as we planned, with a little effort, we can still be happy.
What a great story of turning difficulties into blessings. Your dialogue effectively captured the various family members and their personalities. Great Job and Great Message!