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This is a sweet and tender story of family love and the peace that comes when the focus is on Jesus. I loved it.
I love how Colton's heart was transformed by the season and the service. Your description of family life was "right-on." You did a great job, too, of carrying the "lights" theme to conclusion.
Very good transitions from one setting to another and I liked how you avoided unrealistic dialogue and actions.
I like how you wove the theme throughout this story. Very nice job on characterization too. The ending was especially beautifully done.
Brrr...I've never watched stars in December, but it would be an awesome family bonding time. I liked the drive up and down streets to see lights after a traditional Christmas eve service. Good images written out.
I like the father's "graceful" gesture of letting the son drive, and the son's unsolicited apology. Both seem extraordinary, but entirely possible in a Christian family.
This is a family Christmas fantasy. You had me from word one. I loved the ending!
Maybe slightly unrealistic, yes, but an absolutely sweet story! Nice work!
A lovely balance of realism with the grumpy teenagers, and hope as the family find peace and unity in Jesus. Nicely done
Great job on the characters. They felt real.
Very realistic and heartwarming. I can see this illustrated in computer animation or with actual people. I really enjoyed this. God bless!!
I loved watching this magic moment unfold for this family. I had to smile at the flying marshamallows being the "first snow" so clever! :)