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I was awed by the powerful imagery in your story, beautifully told.
You must have spent a lot of time on this to have such a feast of words. I don't quite understand who the light-keepers are because you talk about wasting electricity--are they townsfolk or are they angels? Nevertheless, great writing.
Beautiful and atmospheric and completely masterful in its presentation. Breathtaking. My favorite so far.
WOW... Loren, this is stunning. You are an artist with your writing.

One nitpick.. not because it distracted but just because you would want to change it if you send it somewhere to be published (as you should!)... you have shinning (instead of shining) star of Bethlehem.
Wow. A beautiful masterpiece of words! God Bless.
What detailed imagery! I can't imagine how you could see all of that in your mind's eye. Amazing!