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Cute. I need to hide this poem from my homeowners's association.
Your title is great... and of course the code is refers to is hilarious! I especially like your wording here, "You have one month - thats thirty days
To deck your house in well-lit ways..." Very nice!
So creative, with great rhymes and images. Funny - and I love your afterword :) Thought-provoking too.
This is cute, and fun to read, even though it brings home the commercialism of His birth. It's depressing how early stores start pushing the season on us.
Quite a fun read! It is amazing how early Christmas paraphernalia gets pushed in stores these days. Personally, I enjoy decorating the house with lights, but not in October (though with our winters in North Dakota it's a lot more comfortable to do it in October). Nice Job!
Great poem...I like this one.
Love the poem and congratulations on you EC win!
Yay! Congrats on your EC, Mel!
Great rhyme & meter, and a story that is too close to true for comfort. Wonderful job - congrats on your EC!
Congrats on your EC!

I actually DO know of neighborhoods like this. I once helped a friend play a joke on his friend by posing as someone from the neihborhood association. I actually said, "I'm from the Neighborhood Association and we wanted to inform you that your decorations are inadequate for the standard of this neighborhood." You should have seen the look on his face! It was funny...and a big joke! Cute poem!