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What a cute story. Ten minutes is indeed like hours to a child!
I like this story. Ten minutes sure does feel like a Looooooonnnngggg time. :)
I think ten minutes is tough on anyone waiting "patiently".(Well it is on me anyway.LOL)
I loved this. Very funny and typical of a child.
Only a child knows how long ten minutes can seem. Cute story that fit perfectly to the topic.
I laughed out loud at the ending. A gentle story with lovely characterisation.
Excellent. You captured the emotions of the MC perfectly.
Well done, delightful. I forgot about the title until the end, nice revelation.
Just darling! The characterization is just right, and I love the end. Wasn't expecting ten minutes ;)
This was such a cute story. One year our boys were up at midnight, at 1.30, at 2... When we told them at 4 that it was still too early to get up our second son shot back, "But we've been up so long it feels like it's Boxing Day!'
I do wonder about the age of the child though; I don't think many five-year-olds would have the maturity or understanding to be able to read the clock and wait like this.
So cute - I felt like you were telling the story of my childhood Christmas mornings (maybe it was the reference to Easy Bake Ovens LOL)! One teeny tiny thing, if her bare feet were hanging over her bed, how did she have footed PJ's? I could really picture the character with your detail, but that jumped out at me.
I fell in love with your adorable five year old. And the ending is perfect.
She is adorable and I remember this so well, only I don't remember even catching snatches of sleep...
So remember feeling like this as a child, Laury! You sure captured this age and the impatience of waiting for THE moment. I can't tell you how many times my brother, sister, and I crept out to the tree before our parents got up, too. The excited whispering added to the fun!
Masterful, creative, darling, engaging. Just a few of the words I would use to describe this piece. Love the voice and the characterization. Wowzer. Bravo!
Woo Hoo! A much deserved EC! Congratulations! Love, Verna
This is very cute. Congratulations on your well deserved EC.