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I like the way this is formatted into a journal. Very unique and interesting to read. It reminded me so much of what it was like when my boys were still little. Well done!
LOL Thanks for the warning before I become the mom who tries to do everything! Great job!
Whew boy! Just reading this left me tired--and a little sad that all those bustling childhood parties and stuff to do are in the past. But, I like the MC's idea: Christmas in the tropics! Sand and sun...ahh.
Christmas on the beach. A sandy beach sounds really good right now. A party on a cruise ship, someone else doing the cooking! Oh yeah, count me in. I enjoyed this countdown and the twist at the end.
Well, you wanted to be red inked, was a nice idea to encourage busy moms but I found it a bit boring...
My parents have done this (LOL both of them!). Good fit for the topic.
Laced with humor...I thought the ending was stronger than the beginning. Good title.
Another journal entry, I love it! For a while I thought it might be one of the daughters reading, and was surprised to see it was Mom. Maybe my eyes were just playing tricks on me.
Great story.
Sounds like my Christmas scedule--well the first part,not the cruise. Good job. This was fun.