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Definitely my favourite so far. Humorous, earthy, full of surprises, yet resonating with the joy of Christmas. Very well done.
Excellent voice, and your descriptions were so real. This is definitely my favorite so far.
Very creative writing, good voice for an uneducated teen.
Masterful writing which captured the scene and the emotions perfectly. I was captivated from beginning to end.
Very cool! I loved the creativity.
Lovely story. Really enjoyed it.
Great story of two people loving another with Jesus' arms.
Awesome characterizations in this story. The emotions and voice of the MC are clearly written--and her benefactors are well-fleshed out in just a few sentences. Lots of good Christmas cheer, in spite of the circumstances, in this one!
Very good. I love your MC. Her voice is very authentic. I wanted to read more about her and wish you had more words to desribe the window. That could have been funny (and I love window shopping!) Nice job.