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This is a unique angle on the topic. I enjoyed reading the narrator's perspective of the past.
A fascinating and gripping read about an era I remember well. You related MY memories of those troublesome times as well as your own. When you proceeded to tell how the astronaut began to read: "In the beginning God created..." tears filled my eyes with the awesome wonder of it all. What a touching and heartfelt story, and so well written. I give this writer an A+...and triple Kudos!

PS: We're in those trying days again I fear. God BLess!
Oh, what a unique take on the topic, with a realism that is more than authentic. This certainly reads as a true-life account. Excellent.
Very well told story about my generation...sadly, I fear if the date was July 20, 2008 instead of 1969, the Bible wouldn't have been read, citing Separation of Church and State. God forgive and heal our land.
Wow! The light truly shines into the darkness in the way you have written this gripping piece.
Wow. What a well written story. I was like you WERE there. The last four sentences pull it all together and leave me with a feeling of peace and hope. Great job! God Bless
Sounds like a memoir. Very nicely done, I was intrigued and saddened by our history.
This is an awesome story--told by a master story teller.
Wow, this was different and so full of interesting history weaved into the lives of a family living then. Good job.
Masterfully told and creatively written. This is wonderful!
Very unique approach to the topic. I appreciate the view into history....being too young to remember it myself! Excellent writing. :)
You are so skilled with your writing. This is wonderful, creative, and gripping. I could hear Walter Cronkite through this. Growing up in Iowa, I remember when MLK was shot, but I didn't know who he was in my naivet, I thought he was a foreign "King", and wondered what the consequences would be to our country. This really took me back. Excellent, Lisa!!!