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He he he. This was fun. Love the word play.
Cute story and I love the names. Great job!
This is so funny. I love how you "play" with your food:) LOL! Great job!
This is so funny. I love how you "play" with your food:) LOL! Great job!
This was way fun! What visuals, what a fruity story! Enjoyed it!
Funny story and a unique angle on the topic.

One note--kimonos are Japanese clothing, not Chinese.

I enjoyed the puns and word play a lot.
A PEACH of a story. Love all the names and descriptions.
I KNOW you had fun writing this one. Very punny! Giggled all the way through.
I kept wondering if anyone else could see this as a skit. I could and it would bring the house down with your great sense of humor. Such creativity. WOW! You ought to write for commercials.... Such a gift....
This was so clever...and appetizing! I loved the play on words.
Witty and imaginative. What a shame that you had to stop!
Your title is WONDERFULLY funny! I LOVE it! Ha… and then "Cheri Bing" and Senator Meringue's wife dressed in a "yellow chiffon gown, topped with fluffy white stole" and "Granny (Ida) Smith" … how clever! I had to smile at the scheduling conflict that caused the two events to be held in the same hall. The "culinary creations" list is enough to ruin any diet. :) You have sooo much fun (Mango Tango) packed in this! :)
This is fun from the beginning to the end! Great job!
Packed with creativity and calories! Wonderful... Angel
What a fun-filled concoction. I'm amazed at your creativity!
What a funny, creative take on the topic. I love the play on the names, and the colors.
This is such a fun read, I can tell you had fun. Well done.
Wow. At first I thought this was just going to be a simple story about a bake-off, and then you surprised me with all of the clever word play that you packed into this piece. Very clever! :)
Very clever wordplay throughout. You had so many woven through this piece I'm not even sure I caught them all. Fun and clever entry!
This was so fun to read, so creative, and amazing. I didn't want it to end!
LOL very creative! I loved all the play on words!