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Gotta have "All the Right Stuff"--in this case--all the right "white stuff"! I can feel Keith's embarrassment at the end--one of those hubby "OOPS" moments, for sure. Well done!
Love the way you used the title as a theme throughout - and I could definitely feel HER frustration and HIS embarrassment. I was definitely engaged. Enjoyed this!
Loved this story!
Uh-oh!! I could feel the poor husband's embarrassment and guilt without you actually stating it. Well done!
I love this! I can sooo see this happening! Great job on this!
Oh boy, can I relate to this story! (Especially sitting in the middle of the kitchen in tears. LOL) Great writing. I loved the sincerity of your sweet MC, trying so hard to please her new husband. The metaphors (Is that what they're called?) were DELIGHTFUL. I loved how the husband blushed the shades of a candy cane and how he tiptoed to her as if on egg shells. SO CLEVER. Good job!
Oh…. :) I love this description, "burned pecans on top of baked brown goo" and "Keith's face flushed through the shades of the candy cane--red, white, then red again.. " :) Excellent, heartwarming… and this is making my stomach growl. :)
So sincere, painfully real, sweetly funny...and all in less than 750 words! Well done (no pun intended).
Such a real husband and wife tale! I like the candy cane colors the husband turned when he realized his mistake. Well done...just like Grandmother's coffee cake.
Your story had all "the right stuff." I was glad it was the husband's fault the recipe didn't turn out right!
I'm glad she *really* loved her husband. ;0) This was well written and entertaining.
What a wonderful story! I like that she wanted to do something special for her husband and his grandmother, and the fact that she let go of her disappointment over burning it and gave into the love and heart of the day. Great writing!
Something similar happened to me once. My mom gave me a recipe for cookies. I followed them exactly. They were terrible and runny. Turns out she had me adding too much butter.
Oh well. Those make the funniest memories.

I enjoyed reading this.
All the right stuff----except for the levening! A great lesson, eh? Often we have all the right stuff of being a Christian, but leave out a most important ingredient--the power that makes the difference, the Holy Spirit....Cute story. I am sure we all have done some pretty embarrassing things when we were young and learning to cook. I remember using salt accidentally, instead of sugar, and mustard instead of ginger, etc...Ha! Ha! We all lived through it and learned that life goes on. You had a fogiving husband and a loving grandmother-in-law...God bless you...Helen

Oh yes, and thanks for submitting my poem, "I'm Just Too Busy" to the JEWEL CHEST.
Really felt like I was there in the kitchen watching it all transpire. She certainly did give a Christmas present they'd never forget!