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What a wonderful story to get us in the mood for the season! The descriptions were so vivid and the tale so heartwarming. Truly a joy to read.
I was right there at the window with your, feeling the excitement of Christmas. You painted a beautiful old fashioned picture of family love.
I loved this story! It strummed on my heartstrings and warmed my heart. (And it's spitting snow outside right now in Iowa.)
There's something about stories like yours that are absolutely TIMELESS.... Job well done!
Oh, lovely. I love the descriptions as it took me on a brief journey to days gone by, before my time, but it made me want to join them.
I sometimes think that the way the economy is nowadays, that maybe the Lord is asking us to return to simpler times, when we are less focused on material things and more on giving, family and what really matters, like the true meaning of Christmas. I would love to see more of this in a short story. Beautifully and vividly written!!
Beautifully written. You transported me perfectly.
Was there any fudge left over, by any chance?
Nice descriptive, nostalgic story. The fudge sounded delicious! I was a bit confused with the 'Ma' and 'Mama' titles. I assumed one referred to a grandmother. Otherwise, nice job!
I was also a little confused with the matriarch's titles but absolutely loved this sweet, vivid story. If I didn't know better, I'd think you told this story from memory LOL!
I felt like I was right there watching the scene unfold like an old movie. Great work.
Again, your writing is so warm. I love the period descriptions and sounds, with "the cook stove" and the "Crosley radio" playing the "sounds of the Andrews Sisters and Perry Como" We had a black walnut tree in our yard when we lived in Iowa (you have been around them too, to know about the "black" that it stains your fingers and clothes. A neighbor said to put the walnuts in your driveway and run over them with your car to get the hulls off. (this would be a gravel farm driveway, not a paved one.) :) So many memories! Wonderful writing!