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I am seriously hungry now. YeS, I'll have one already! Great job with the topic.
I love the meter of this - perfect. And it flows just beautifully. AND I am SOOOO hungry now! Pass one through the floppy slot please :D
This flows right along. Smiled the whole way through. Yes, I'd like a cookie!
A round of cookies for everyone!
Great job!
What a fun poem - love all the descriptions.
Why thanks. Um, I think I'll have one of those. Actually that one there looks lovely. Hang on, that smells sensational, maybe I should- Oh, I've never seen that blend before. Eek, that looks disgusting. Perhaps a plain one would be better...
Forget it, I'll settle for a mince pie from the faithwriter next door. All this choice is killing me!
oh, I think I gained five pounds just reading this!
There's got be something around here to eat....
If I answer "yes" to your question title… what happens? :) Your ingredient list just "rolls off the tongue"… I especially like, "flour sifted soft as silk," (isn't that a brand name for a flour? :) … and "blocks of chocolate, semi-sweet" I thank you whole-heartedly… I do not have to make a Christmas baking grocery list this year… thanks to your help.

Note to self: I SHOULD NOT have read this on an empty stomach! :)
It's amazing how this delightful poem has my sweet tooth aching :)
I think you've just about covered it all. Excellent job with the crafting of this(as usual).
Yes. I definitely want a cookie. That made me hungry! I really enjoyed this tempting, sweep poem.
Wow. I'll take one. I smiled as I read this creative, fun poem. Nice job!
Please may I have two? You've made me hungry. (LOL)
I can almost smell the kitchen! Good job!
I think I will have one, thank you! This is sinfully sweet and delicious. Oh my!
You packed so much sweetness in so few words. Your rhyming is superb. This made me very hungry. Thank you for sharing this delicious poem. :)
Yes, I want one of your cookies! I have to tell you that as I was reading this, I was thinking "What a great word. What will she rhyme with it??" I am terrible at coming up with rhyming words, so I am sooo impressed with this. And all your words were great words, not words that were forced to fit. They were all perfect. Thumbs up!
This is a delightful poem - very very descriptive and well done. Excellent work with the meter, rhymes, etc. - just amazing creativity! Top-notch! :)
VernaJ--I'm sooo pleased you received an EC with this lovely poem! I'm proud of you!! :)
Congratulations on your EC, Verna. This is so cute--I love it. And you got all my favorites in there.
Oh, dear Verna, my friend! Do you know that I can actually smell the wonderful aroma of this darling poem?! The meter is perfect, the tone of it jingles and tingles with the excitement of Christmas, and the cookies are, sure as Santa, melting in my mouth! ;-) This poem is delightfully perfect in every single way!! I love it! Congratulations!!
I'm coming over to taste test each of these--what's your address? Cleaverly written, perfect rhythm and rhyme, and fits the topic perfectly. Congrats on your EC placement.
The cookies may be tempting, but I was engrossed in your poetic abilities, dear friend. I so love your rhymes! Thank you for this sweet treat :)