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Oh, I can just see this filmed as a scene from a larger work. Wonderful job on the characterization, and a wonderful change of pace from most Christmas stories. Thumbs up!
Did someone dare you to end your story like that? How funny:) Great job. Loved all your characters.
This is great. I love all the characters and the interaction. Very well done.
Very creative piece! What interesting and, in their own way, charming characters. I love the humor in the ending! I really enjoyed the "difference" in this entry!
I loved this! You described the scene very well. I saw it being played out. How did you come up with the patient eating the lights? This is definitely one of the most creative entries I've read so far. Excellent!
Excellent character development! I enjoyed your unique story and the believable group of patients.
Incredibly creative. Having done one stint in psych nursing I can tell you that it is probably way too realistic.... it was a fun piece (and then I sit here being a Christina nurse and wondering how many of them could be free through deliverance... ah, well...)
I had to smile at your title and then at "Nurse Ratched". What an entertaining story. :)
Yeah, I was worried about the scissors, too. :) Very creative, though it ended quite abruptly. I wanted to read more. Nice work!
This really was fun to read. Where did yo ever come up with the idea? Good job!
So clever...Could have been a scene from "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest." You really have a writing gift.
Wonderful job on the story and the characters. Congrats on your EC, Chely!
Congratulations on your EC. This is quite the unique Christmas story, and you tell it so well. The last line is hilarious. Great job with the topic.
Great characters, Chely! I liked the realism and the humour. Christmas in the real world ;)
Loved this entry! James reminded me of Uncle Lenny from one of my old stories. Those two guys would probably get along well with each other.

Each character has his/her own very unique personality. This was very deserving of the top honors it received. Of course what writing of yours isn't deserving of it? :)