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Ilike this. It is a good approach to the topic and well done.
Great title. I like how the decorations led to a deeper conversation about the meaning of Christmas.
You really did a great job here of making your reader think of the true meaning of Christmas, as well as excellently illustrating a Jewish celebration.
Anyone who knows you would know it this is yours, but I love the development of thoughts. Great writing!
I like the way the conversation drifted toward the true meaning of Christmas and that the differing views weren't immediately resolved ... but you left the open door.
Ahh, Christmahanukkah, celebrated in suburbs all over our post modern society. Great social commentary, with realistic characters and dialogue. Very well done!
Good use of conversation to tell this story and present your message. I really enjoyed reading this!
Great title for this piece! your first person point of view as a Jew is perfect because empathy helps us to evangelize. What a beautiful, honest act of love on Jerry's part. I wanted more clues as to Marcey's age. The language she used hinted that she's a teenager, but I wasn't sure. Very unique and important angle on this topic!! I especially appreciate Marcey's hurt and pride and her attempt to control both, as that's human nature, very realistic and one of the obstacles that both Jews and Christians must overcome.
I know several Jewish-Christian families and could imagine your dialogue in their homes. Very real, very honest, and a great witnessing piece. I pray you can get this published outside of FWs. Blessings, Angel
Very realistic and I just have to say that the dialogue about the mixed holidays was funny, just the right hint of humor there to get your point across--but it lead to some serious thoughts and questions for the MC and that is, indeed, a powerful way to end this story! I'm finding out that getting someone to question why they believe what they do is an awesome witnessing tool.
A very well written piece on how holidays are mixed up and changed for peoples convenience. I hope she reads that passage!
*smile* -- I love the "Hanukkah bush". :) Your evangelistic message woven into the story is wonderful.
I like your style. Creative, fun, and though-provoking. Nice.
I talk like that, and I'm far from being a teenager! I thought this was very interesting and thought-provoking. I agree; trees and stockings are just decorations. The real meaning of Christmas goes beyond the decorations. Nice work!
Amen...good piece of writing...Keep writing. God bless.