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I am wearing a huge smile. This is a brilliant combination of real characterizations, humor, and just enough sweetness (in Piper) to wrap it up nicely. I love it!
What a hoot! I loved the satire of the cliches, cloaked in a precocious child's search for creativity.
Funny. I enjoyed the humor and voice in this piece.
This cracks me up. I laughed out loud at Piper's logic about the EZ Bake oven--so funny. So humorous, with just a touch of Christmas sweetness. Great, creative job with the topic.
Awesome story!
I read this the other night before I went to bed and couldn't stop thinking about it and giggling. You described the beginning of a step-parent relationship realistically and beautifully. Piper was characterized so we could see and know her right away.
SMILE ! I know kids like this. The end of it sounded like the game, where you pull ideas out of a hat and write a story with those words.
I like the way you developed the characters without really saying so.
Love the voice of this piece, and the incredible characterization. This is masterfully crafted without feeling like it is. Excellent.
This is precious! I love it. There are many things I loved about it, but I really chuckled at your description of Piper as a seven year old professor of logic. That's exactly how my son was at that age. Great job!
I like how in this simple story there is not only a major test from Piper that the MC must pass, but that the MC genuinely wants to win her approval. I can relate to having to make up stories for my little girl for entertainment, and what storyteller could go wrong speaking of "Dead Christmas Tree" and "Turtle Toothpaste" icecreams. Great story.
This is great. I loved the voice and Piper's character.
Such a magnificent job with characterization and humor! This is my favorite so far.
This is really cute. I loved the characters. God Bless Bob for his patience and love.
Your Piper character is delightful. I love the sentence about her being prickly, and Bob being a marshmallow. The touches of tenderness as he discovers her thumb-sucking, for example, are just precious.
Brilliant voice, adorable characters and a hilarious storyline. You've done it again, Jan!
Lovely story with wonderful characters. Well done.
There is soooooo much to love about this entry but what I love the most is the last line. Piper now has TWO parents... and she loves it that way.
I think I have a child just like that. He'll be 8 on Saturday. Great story.
All the elements came together in this delightful story. It was fun to read and we were reading about people who were easy to like and believe in. I found myself rooting for the MC and you didn't disappoint...he passed the test with flying colors.
Aw, what can I say? Lovely! Such a cute little girl! And the Dad, how sweet!
Ahhh, those analytically seven-year-olds. Nice job developing the characters and creating just enough relational tension to engage the reader.
I can't think of a thing left to say that isn't already in one of the comment boxes. I loved it. I could totally see this. I have a granddaughter who is just like Piper.
You approached a challenging family situation in a real, fun, delightful, and satisfying way. Wonderfully done.
This was precious and I loved every single line of it. Great writing!
For some reason, all the way through this delightful tale, I could imagine Natalie Wood from "Miracle on 34th Street" as the precocious child twisting your MC around her little pinkie! This is so lovely and makes me very nostalgic for those "bed-time" story ended all too soon! Love each characters in this story.
Awww....I wanted to keep reading! Excellently done, as usual! I expect high marks for this one! :)
The ice cream flavors tend to leave a bad taste in the mouth, but otherwise LOL a charming story, expertly written. :)
Your usual high quality of writing, but with an unusually SWEET story line. Thanks. :)
This is an adorable story. Congrats on your win.
Congratulations on your EC. Your imagination never ceases to amaze me.