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Christmas romance—a lovely beginning to the sequel?
Christmas and a love story - what a great combination:) Can't wait to hear what happens next!
Very clever! I enjoyed this very much!
What a sweet story, and Darren sounds like quite a catch! Well done!
I am such a sap for a good romance. This little story left me wanting more. Do you have a sequal? Well done!
Good story, great characters. I liked the flow. Well done!
"The words to Silent Night wrapped around the cozy house and slipped inside and into the hearts of the residents."

WOW! The imagery! I am amazed at your ability with words. I pray my writing will one day be this picturesque.
A little romance for Christmas--great story.
Charmingly sweet story…. And who can resist a romance. :) I like the play on words with "Christmas Carole". The dripping nose was just fun! :)
I'm a sucker for a good romance....I loved it!
I am a sucker for a romantic story, especially one as sweet as this. Loved your descriptions of It was a gingerbread type and the draping blanket of snow looked like thick frosting
Great story, I loved it!

Okay, so I'm not a romantic, but I sure enjoyed the nose drip.

Seriously, this was a sweet romance that really needs a New Year's sequel.