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This is so sweet - Emi and her mom are so real. I found myself waiting for the father to show as well... nicely written - good pace and good characterization of the little girl.
Very good job on Emi--she's exactly true to her age. Very sweet Christmas story.
I kept waiting for a surprise appearance from Daddy, complete with excuse for his tardiness. I remember how hard it was to get my mom and dad into the same room together after their divorce.

Nicely done.
10/13/08 sweet and sad. I've always loved that song.
Your bittersweet story made pictures all the way through in my mind. Excellent writing.
Great characterization making your reader really care for Mom and Emi.
Sad! I feel for the little girl and her mama....which was your point I think. :) Nice writing!
Enjoyed the depth and realness of the characters - SO hoped daddy would show up but his not showing touched at the heart of the matter too. Thank You!
Cool name, "Emi"… I like it! You've captured and given us a tender moment in Emi's life. Your writing is so very good!
Sweet story Laury. My granddaughter's name is Emi... short for Emily. It was so sad when her daddy didn't turn up, but I'm glad her mother encouraged her to trust. Little children have so much faith. I could just see little Emi standing there singing.
Oh so tender and gave me a heartache. Wonderfully descriptive and a lovely tale.
Oh my! This brought me to tears and I can remember all the many disappointments I struggled with as a little girl in regards to my mother instead of my dad, but the pain. This was so well written. Thanks.