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This is quite good! Nice beat, & I found the lyrics to be original - no recycled common phrases. I had to look up "Shekinah" - it's perfect. I wonder if you have written music to go with your carol? (I was trying to sing in my head.)
I really like the idea of an original Christmas carol! I'd love to hear this sung.

Some of the meter seemed a bit irregular, but I realize that if there's a tune in place already, sixteenth notes and such can smooth out the rhythm.

The lyrics are absolutely beautiful.
This is beautiful! One of my favorites....
Very encouraging. Our God is near! I love it.
Lovely. No need for more words:)
Whether it has a melody or not, this is a beautiful song, with the words themselves a melody. The chorus is a perfect reminder for Christmas and everyday for all time.
Wonderful message and beautifully written, I would love to hear it with music.
Very creative entry! Nice work.
I thought the song was wonderful. Does it have a tune?
Very cool seeing an original carol written. I'd love to hear this sung so that I can get the tune. Great job with this!
This is absolutely beautiful. I, too, would love to hear it sung.
I love your use of the mysterious "shekinah glory." You have so many beautiful truths here. This is "majestic".
Wonderful words. Perfectly on topic :)
No surprise Ms. Morning Song would write an absolutely beautiful original carol for us. Wonderfully beautiful.
Hasd read this earlier when I was running - will comment now! Love the freshness and no cliches - the format is totally wonderful too (how do you do that in this formatting?) Thanks for the blessing!