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This "carol" is new to me, and your story surrounding it is excellent! I loved it.
Very creative - never heard the carol before. And the mysteries of the trinity... enjoyed it!
Although I don't know this carol--this is exactly how I've pictured Joseph. It just seems to me that he would have a bit of a problem accepting everything.

I really like the format of this piece--and being introduced to a carol I don't know.
An interesting story about a song that was new to me. A good picture of our struggle to believe what we hear from God once the voice is silent.
This was fantastic. I absolutely loved the use of such an obscure song...making it fresh to the readers. This is my favorite for the week! Wonderful.
I enjoyed the story woven around the lyrics. The touches of humor were perfect and loved the cat reference.
A contender indeed.... Wow! This needs to be a book. Good stuff!
I liked the way you wove the carol into a story. You really gave Joseph some character and substance!
Very good read! It was so descriptive I thought you made the whole carol up. That was until curiosity got me and i found it on Google. Still, I really enjoyed it.
This writing is so outstanding, it makes me embarrassed to be in Masters. I love your story.
Incredible story telling with such a delightful ending. The weaving of the carol and story was most effective. MASTERfully done.
This was interesting to find out about. Very original and well written.
I love the way you illustrated the carol - a very obscure carol! I rather think that poor Joseph did have a hard time of it all.
I think we forget these were humans like us who were chosen to host our Saviour. Therefore, we tend to forget the emotional turmoil they must have faced in those days. It's hard today, to walk in the promises I know God has spoken to me personally, after all.

I love the way you portrayed some of what Joseph must have dealt with.
Perfect blending of story and song. Each telling the history of the other. Fascinating, authentic - humbling to be in the company of such a creative and imaginative mind.
I had never heard of this carol before. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. This piece held my attention from beginning to end.
Beautifully done, as usual. I have also never heard of this carol (but not surprising, yanno!), but you did a lovely job of illustrating it. Rich characterization.
I don't what to say that others have not - this was very well done.
I thought it was very excellently done and a neat way to share an obscure carol. I think it would have been just as effective to put the carol at the end of the would give more of a surprise to the reader if they're not familiar with the carol (like most of us, lol). Nice job, as usual, whch we expect from the FW favorite! :)
Interesting! I have never heard that. Wonderful truth of how sometimes we doubt when we should be bowing in awe of His power!
This was a truly interesting read. I had never heard this carol before, and the added dialogue of Joseph really enhanced it.

This was one of the more unique entries that I have read this week. Thanks for sharing, Jan.
As most others have said, I knew nothing of this carol until reading your entry. What a very unique approach to the topic! I really love your characterization of Joseph.
I love the truth of this, "Who is the father of the baby, then? Why, he himself is his own father, is he not?" Wow!
Oh wow! Jan, this is amazing. I've never heard of that carol before, but you have moulded and kneaded and brought carol and story together in a wonderful and sweet combination.

I do know this cryptic carol very well, having grown up singing it (guess we're the queens of obscure carols!).

You did a brilliant job with creating a narrative around the very interesting lyrics. It would work very well with illustrations for publication.

Thank you for bringing back great memories.
Jan, I've always loved this carol, not as you say, for its biblical truth, but for the interaction between God and man in a very down to earth situation. Your interpretation is brilliant, and touching as well.
This is awesome!!! Congrats on your 5th place overall!
Like most, I'd never heard of this carol. However, you did a superb job of wrting your story around it and making Joseph's character come alive. A winning entry!