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So creative.... Loved the humor. Good job!
Loved this. Very creative.
So appropriate for the day we live in and with such delightful humor. Great job!
Love the humor and creative take on the topic, a lot of fun.
Oh my, this was a hoot. Love it!
This is hilarious. Good job with the theme. Thanks for the laugh.
"Somehow, I just don’t recall “Six Snipers Sniping” being in the song."

LOL! This was very funny stuff! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I like the format you used with the first letter and then the rebuttal letter. A very unique way of presenting this week's topic. Thank you so much for making me smile and laugh. :)
Oooooh! I don't think I could live in a neighborhood requiring an association membership.

Nice work with the letter of reprimand and rebuttal.
What a great sense of humor you have... I really like this piece. Well done.
Hee,hee... loved it!
When I get done giggling, I"ll try to write a comment...hooboy! That was exceptional!
I love this! Very creative and charming story. Love the humor!
I love the line about the boy trying to get the girl's attention and it worked. LOL Very creative - nice job!
Oh BettyDee, only you could have written this! Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Six snipers sniping ... I'm still laughing.
Woo Hoo...Look at you
Congratulations on a well deserved EC placement...again!