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Oh, what great truths are revealed here. You make it sound so simple. Your ending question is a good one. This is a very creative take on the topic. Good job!
Oh, what great truths are revealed here. You make it sound so simple. Your ending question is a good one. This is a very creative take on the topic. Good job!
The rules ARE simple, which is proof that we're all born in sin and absolutely need that Savior to transcend our sinful nature. It must break God's heart to know He gives us so many ways to say yes to Him, but we just keep saying no...glad there is grace and more than one chance to change our hearts and minds. God is faithful to call and faithful to listen and faithful to save. Great message.
Very creative and sucinct way to put this. When we get there and can see the old DVDs it will be very interesting to see just what was happening in the unseen realm compared with what we remember in our minds.
A great and creative take on the topic. I like the way you presented this. I love the blood-red Free spot marked with a cross! And your ending question as well. You presented a lot of truth in a unique format. Thanks!
This is really good! You do make it sound so simple, and it is, but it's also not. Great take on the topic. Nicely done.
Your points are well taken and well illustrated of God's honesty, Satan's dishonest, and the need to go to the cross. You present an important challenge.
I've never seen it put quite that way before. Excellent work!
Oh, this was great! Very easy to understand! I could see this used in youth ministry. The only thing I would suggest is staying consistent with how you name Lucifer. Sometimes he's called Satan, and someone who was entering the game as a newborn wouldn't know that he has multiple names.
How creative. I like this-sort of cross between a story and a devotional.
Excellent, my kind of piece! Ending with that question was perfect, and the message was wrapped with creativity. Love it.
Oh man, this is powerful! How true it is, the choices are ours, the victory is ours if we'll have it, and the cross is the eradicator of all bad moves. Excellent!
This was so very good...loved it.
In fact, getting to the cross early in the game is the best move you could possibly make. It is at the cross where you are guaranteed to win the Game of Life. Nobody is ever denied access to the freedom of the Cross and it can be instantly reached no matter where you are in the Game."

Amen to that! You posed such a great question at the end. Why do we lose so often at this game? We know the truth, and yet we still choose to award Lucifer points from time to time. I'm so thankful for the cross and blood at the center of the board. I frequent that spot quite often, and I would have no hope without it.

Oh, and thank you for your encouragement, Gerald. You are a class act individual here at FaithWriters. We are all so blessed to have both your wonderful spirit and your wonderful writing.
As a player in the Game of Life, listening to God's voice is very hard. Thank you for explaining it in this wonderful story. Your instructions are simple enough for any age to understand.