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Very nice,touchng piece. It's sad, but very believable and true. I'm glad you didn't totally resolve the story (Though I do like happy endings!). You did a nice job on this story.
Nice job on this. You drew me right in to this sad, but realistic and well-written piece.
Very nice job. I like how you didn't resolve it at the end, too. That's just not real life. I love how you develop your characters so well in very few words. Good job!
Very good, Dee! I like that she didn't abandon him or judge him...and your ending sentence was perfect. Very well done!
Ah..such emotions! Too many kids are playing this game.
Very sad. Took awhile to get rolling as you developed the characters. I thought this paragraph deftly captured Steve's hopeless feelings, without him saying a word. "He searched out the whiskey and drank a full swallow. This time, his eyes were filled with tears when he pushed the bottle back under the seat. He shook his head, wiped his face, and re-started the car."
This is incredible. I wonder what happened to him...
You've a gift with dialogue, as well as description. This story is a slice of real life. Well done.
Sad story which unfortunately mimicks reality for some. I enjoyed the flirtatious interplay at the beginning. Thanks.
Excellent writing. Very poignant piece....and true to reality. Great job!
I loved the realism of easy fixes, only the all seeing God. Well done!
The dialogue in this piece was superb. I felt like I was sitting in the Torino with them listening and seeing everything. The ending left me with mixed emotions, but it was a nice effect. I sure hope that Steve did say yes to God.
I liked the way you presented a sad, moving piece, and left a realistic ending on it, rather than a fairy tale ending. Yet, as you pointed out, God knows the result, and the guy's life is not over yet...

Very well written...a moving piece that I can relate to...all
too well I'm afraid.
God Bless You,