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This is a very creative, nice story. I enjoyed listening to the kids complete the assignement and loved how the girl defended the X. I felt like I was sitting in the classroom and was eager to hear each letter. Great job!
Enjoyed the lassroom setting and the kids were quite realistic. Creative way to look at this topic.
A very creative entry! I loved the realistic interaction among the students and teacher. My favorites were "inscrutable" and, of course, X (and the girl's defense of her answer). Well done!
I'm a word-lover, so this REALLY appealed to me. I was trying to figure out ahead of time what you'd do with X, and you did a great job!
This is very well done on a number of levels--realistic dialogue in a classroom setting, wonderful lesson taught, and excellent use of the topic. I loved the little blond boy's grandma.
Cute story! I appreciated the students explanation of the 'X.' Thanks for sharing.
Great story! I like how it got the kids to really think. I would have loved to hear more!
Wow, this sure is a creative approach to the topic, and I enjoyed the "wordy" plot very much. Nicely done!
Excellent work! Loved the 'x'!
Very creative and fun--with excellent lessons tucked in. I also wondered what you'd do with 'x' and your solution was magnificent. I liked this.
Ooooh, I loved this. Creative take on the topic, and very engaging. Well done!
This is really cute. I can see the little minds working. And of course, I loved the story of the X. Great job!
What a wonderfully creative way to write on this topic! I was right there in the classroom. I loved the explanation of x. Congrats on your EC.
You made me want to take that class...or rather, be the teacher. What a great idea Jessie had to involve the class - get them thinking!

I enjoyed this setting very much.
A four letter word with a safe meaning! Great story, and engaging to read as the little ones threw their ideas forward.
Just dipping into your portfolio to say thank you for commenting on my poem and to comment on one of your works. I'm so glad I clicked on this one! It's wonderful! Once I started reading I couldn't stop. I felt like I was right there in the teacher's shoes in that classroom. You are a skilled and delightful storyteller! Loved this one!