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This is very different. My big plan is to stay away from the devil's personal collection and keep on saying the name that makes the sucker stutter and shudder -- "JESUS!"
A very creative take on the topic. With a little modification I could see this performed as a monologue.
Oooooh, very eerie!

You have "humans" as a plural as "human's" in one place and "humans'" in another. Neither apostrophe is needed for a simple plural noun.

I'm not sure I'd be comfortable trying to write in Satan's voice, but you've done a good job here.
Fine print? What fine print? LOL I like the voice in this piece. Game over, Satan.
You expressed the evil one very well. I'm so thankful that God is more powerful than he.
Kind of a 'screwtape' type of take on the topic. I did have a little trouble following along at times, but that very well could have just been me. Thanks for sharing.
Creative and unusual! Nice job on this monologue.
Creative and creepy! Great combination! Well done.
One thing I've never figured out about this guy: why does he STILL think he's going to "win"?! Guess he doesn't want to read the end of the book. You captured the voice and the intentions of this nasty, and ultimately losing, predator.