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What a whirlwind of creativity! So sad that so many in our own world view the living God as fantasy.
Totally creative and interesting read.
Makes me SO thankful for my Lord! Very fun and insightful look at things through the eyes of those who have no home. I enjoyed coming along.
I like this! Very creative and cute. It's so sad that there are a lot of people like the editor; they look on the Truth as a fantasy, and see their own little version of "the game" as truth.
09/21/08 mind boggling creative! Loved the guy with no pants, lol, and although I liked the ambiguous ending, I WANT TO KNOW what the card said!Excellent!
With his luck, I just know that card is not gonna be good! Creative and fun to read...poor Oob,I have days where I can totally identify with him. (I like the way you slip the message of God's love for the world in there.)
09/21/08 your names. How do you think of them? This is closer to reality than we like to think. Well done!
Love the irony in this. I give it a 5 for intelligence. Poor Oob.
I have come to expect nothing less than creative, well-written, out-of-the-box entries. You delivered once more! This is great on topic. I was thinking he was inside some video game and was sad it was his "real" life. Wow. This really made me think...and be thankful for God's love! Excellent!
Your creativity is worthy only of being "best." I couldn't wait to see where you were going with this.
You've demonstrated "irony" perfectly. A wonderful story!
Clever. I like the names. They are quite inventive.
I love the ironic twists in the end like "everyone knows fantasy doesn't sell."
The first paragraph through me a bit, because I was thinking it was a mail slot and he was receiving an editor's reply to a submitted writing. But I quickly caught on and enjoyed the great creativity. Excellent entry!
Very creative! I had a feeling it was you....just the kind of fun you'd pop out of your imagination! :)
Whoosh... all 5's for this one. Oob is the perfect person help us understand the truth. That last card could easily lead into an entire sci-fi/fantasy book.
Fascinating! I loved this! I agree, this could be a great full-scale book...
Oh my, I am boggled by your brilliance. Wowzer.
Outer Limits! That's just what I was thinking when I was reading this. Great job, very insightful and unique. Loved it!
What truth you spoke here! People think that God is a "fantasy" character. They will fall in love with elves and wizards, but when it comes to God, they want no part of Him, even though He is 100% real and can change their lives in better ways than any imaginary Gandalf or Legolas can.

There are many other things I like about this piece too. I felt like I had the stats of your MC when he drew the first card. Intelligence 5 but love with the ladies a big fat 0. LOL. Good one as always, Jan. :)
This is excellent!! I love how the characters just play along, as though helpless. Don't we all do that sometimes? This story speaks volumes and was superbly told!
You are so inspiring. I love to read your stories.
What a great take on the topic. I love this! Congratulations on you EC. :)