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Wow! What a surprise that would be. Your story is so much fun and your voice authentic. Nice take on the topic.
I wondered if it was that in the beginning, then believed the line about her age....loved the twist in the end. Have had several patients having their first at 39-42 - they're very excited and happy. Nice job!
I was also curious toward the beginning if that was the issue too - but you did a great job keeping me interested (and making me forget my original suspicions after a bit!).
I suspected, but you made sure nothing was too obvious right to the endvery good.
Well, I didn't suspect at all--you totally got me with the ending. Very, very well-written--I enjoyed every bit of it!
Funny...'at about forty' I got my first eyeglasses, plus many other symptoms that told me that I wasn't a kids anymore!
Very nice entry! A charming story with great dialogue.
A super enjoyable story to read, plus a great twist.
I love the dialogue in this. Great writing and flow throughout. Isn't it something, the way God's timing can take us completely by surprise. :-)
Talk about a 'snap' moment. Well done!
You got me on that one! The internal and external dialogue effectively conveyed the angst of the mc. Nice Job!
Oh, oh! That was too funny! Being in the back half of forty, I can relate to the weight issue. But having a baby?? Oh, my!
Though I suspected, the story kept my interest to the end. Good job with topic.
Now I know all about not being able to snap my pants, but thank goodness, it's not because I'm pregnant again. Imagine! Love this masterfully written piece.
I have trouble snapping my pants, too. But I'm a man so your story holds no comfort for me. It's a great entry, though.
Forty huh? That explains a lot. (lol) Seriously, this is a great take on the topic. I didn't expect the surprise ending until about midway into it.
I had a feeling that's where you were going with this! Fun story and I can certainly relate except it is NOT because of pregnancy that I have weight gain. Well, actually it is, all the weight I gained during 3 pregnancies. Ugh! Love this story!
I was wondering if it was leading to her being pregnant, but then you threw in the bit about 'at about forty' - so then I was pleasantly surprised! Nice take on the topic... :)
Oh wow, that took a turn I didn't expect. Neat!
Loved it! Great dialogue. I enjoyed the descriptions in the first few paragraphs! I have a few years to go until 40, but after giving birth, I can certainly relate to the expanding mid-section!

One very minor thing that I would consider changing--the "rubber gloves" on the doctor. Don't most docs use latex gloves now? When I read rubber, I was thinking dishpan hands or mad scientist industrial-strength gloves. Not a major thing at all--I knew what you were getting at!

Nice job!
Great story, great dialogue, great ending. I liked this story very much.
It's funny because when I started reading this, I thought for sure it was about her being pregnant. Then you sidetracked me with the weight thing, and the ending surprised me after all. As always, a very well written entry. :)
Never suspected the pregnancy, but did suspect the jeans would snap their poppers... or should that be pop their snappers??? Loved the dialogue between the friends. It was just as it should be. Great story, loved it!
Loved this. I laughed. I sympathized - done the mid-section expansion at 40 routine - but the surprise ending was great. Cleverly written. Great job. And congrats on your EC win.
Congratulations on your Editor's Choice!!!! So happy for you! ;)
Awesome! Congrats, Kristen. :) Cat
Super cute story...loved it! Congrats on your EC!
Oh boy, can I relate...except I don't have the same excuse she has!
Come to think of it, I'm glad I don't have the same excuse...
Three is enough at 43!
A fun read, good descriptive language, very enjoyable.