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Nice job! Love the story of the snaps - great take on the topic.
SO creative. Love the relationship between these two and the lesson so masterfully woven in with "coolness." Great stuff!
Wonderful story and a great lesson explained brilliantly.
Very creative take on the topic...and a great message as well!
I have had that shirt, and had the same "issues",lol. Love the chocolate references! A fun piece of work, here;)
I love the way Aunt Jo related the important message that we can make mistakes, learn from them and move on. What a wise woman. Great job with this.
Very entertaining with a great message. Growing up, I had an aunt very much like "Aunt Jo." Thanks for the memories. Love it!
Are we dating ourselves? I remember shirts like that! Oh boy:) Love this story. And I think I gained some weight reading it, too. Oh boy, o boy.
ROFL. This is hilarious. I had one of those shirts, too--and I remember praying those snaps would hold.

Your writing is so fun to read...and the little details you drop in are amazing. (Like a movie about "nouns"--how funny.)

Great story--as usual.
Hee,hee...I remember those shirts! Funny story...good lesson.
I loved the relationship between the aunt and neice. Very authentic. Great job,as always.
Great story with a great lesson! Thanks for sharing.
First you make me hungry, then nearly fall out of my chair laughing, and finally have to swallow the lump in my throat from the ending. Top notch!
The message of grace is portrayed so well in this story. I like the way Aunt Jo took her role modeling seriously, but not too seriously, at that. Can't think of anything I'd change.
Ah yes, the 70's :) I love the confectionery aspect of this great message wrapped up in chocolate.
This is a hoot! I had to stop half-way through to stop, go back and read to the family! Somehow I remember those shirts too, I was a child then.

I love the way Aunt Jo expressed the message of grace through a story rather than lecture.
This is masterfully written with the message coming untucked at just the right moment. The authentic voice and feel of the piece is my favorite part.
Your writing is so seamless--no wonder they have you teaching the master class! I would love to learn to write dialogue like you do!
Love the story. Very creative and a great lesson.
Congrats on your big win! This was so much fun to read!
Congrats on your win! It was well-deserved and this was awesome!
Loved the message! Thanks for giving us a snappy lesson.
I can see why this one is a winner- it wins in my eyes too great fun and great moral.Ref the carrriage is it Dickinson, as in Emily, or Dickensian, as in Charles or correct as it stands. Just wondering?
Great story, it delivers on so many levels! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rats, Anne, you caught me! and I was hoping I'd gotten away with the typo. It's Dickinson, as in Emily. The lines, are:

Because I could not stop for Death
He kindly stopped for me
The Carriage held but just Ourselves
And Immortality.
Delightful read!
I can see why this got top honors!
LOL! Me too, a child of the 70's and I had a shirt just like that one. Thankfully it never did that or I would have died! What a wonderful and, of course, masterfully told story of love gently given. Just left me hanging on for what CoCo did that prompted the whole thing. Hope you'll tell us one of these days. Congratulations!
Congrats on 1st place!!!! So happy for you! ;)
Loved your characters - you really brought them to life!Congratulations!
Janny, Janny bo banny! So glad to see you at number 1 once more ... it's where you belong. I loved this story. As always, you create such believable characters and scenes. Waaaay cool!
Congrats on your winning first place--well deserved. I like the relationship between the aunt and niece and most importantly, that the aunt used her role model image in such an influential way. Great message. You are truly a writer to be admired
Congrats, Jan. SUCH a fun one. I woulda been surprised to not have at least one up there this time. Second place is something else!
CONGRATULATIONS, JAN! You just can't seem to stay out of the spotlight, can you? LoL. Of course, there's a good reason for that. You're an excellent writer!
Doing the happy dance for you! :-)
Congratulations, Jan. There is no doubt that you're a masterful writer, worthy of recognition. Thank you for "showing us how."
Love the story and its message and the way you write makes it both a pleasure to read and to learn. Congratulations, Jan!
This was a great one to read again, but then most of yours are. :-)
What a lovely piece. Had me smiling and remembering my own mistakes - yes, and remembering they are covered by grace. Very nice. Congratulations.
Congrats! Hope you're celebrating with some chocolate. ;-)
Congrats Jan, on the high honor this received. Your writing style and message here, are supurb!
Congratulations, Jan, on placing again in Best of Best! It looks better typed than in abbreviation, I think. Well deserved, and great message.

Thanks too for your recent comment and placing my poem in upcomng showcase. How Nice! Made my day.
I remember those! they hadn't invented onsies yet but we wore that all in one shirts... grin. This took me way back - congrats! That was before the Lord for me but we were covered even then if we but asked Him in!
My what a great picture you painted for someone with a need. What a wonderful description of Grace! You certainly deserve the recognition. God bless you!
Hey Jan - many, many congratulations.
Love this piece - hadn't read it before. I like everything that everyone else has pointed out - but I most of all like the theology of it. Genesis 3:21.
And so God's grace covers us.
You have such a great way with words...and such an authentic story...very engaging.
Congrats Jan! Way to go hon. I had read this when you first submited it a while ago but forgot leave my,
"well done." I loved this as it showed the genuiness of the aunt and how God's grace, praise the Lord, indeeds covers even the "slip ups" or in this case, the "scroll ups".:0))
I read this a few times savoring the dialogue,relationship of your characters and those delightful comparisons. At the end I was licking my chops savoring each morsel I indulged upon, like your choclatey decadence itself. Again congrats and high five hon!
Excellent and heart-warming
story, thank you so much for offering it here for us to read.
Loved this, Jan. Don't know how I missed it. Belated Congrats!
A little late to be leaving a comment, Jan, but just wanted to CONGRATULATE you on your win. You deserve it. Great story. Wish I had had an aunt like you. Who but you would ever have worked the theme of grace into a story about a jacket....Great job!...Helen
Jan, I remember this story well, and I even remember reading it again after it placed 2nd in Best of the Best. Things were just so crazy this summer that I didn't realize until now that I never properly congratulated you. Please forgive me. It is truly a deserving piece, and I'm so happy for you -once again!
I see why your writing advice is sought after. Great story from all angles.
What a fun and well written story!