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Great illustration. The little tv's showing the other consequences was a nice touch, especially since we couldn't quite see what they were.
Clever take - and a different look at the whole idea of consequences. Nicely done.
I had to laugh out loud when I saw the mother's name! I've never had a Jimmy (no sons, only daughters), but I sure loved this story. Very creative, witty, and GREAT naming!
Very creative take on the topic. Well done.
Your work is always just a little different, but I enjoy it. Good job.
I loved the opening visual. I was imagining Jimmy doing his goofy little victory dance!

The game show part was clever.
What terrific story and a clever take on the topic. Jan (and Jan) must be a very good mother!
Creative take on the topic. Liked the lesson, and enjoyed the read. Well done.
I just bet if we all had to face immediate consequences like this boy, we'd be thinking twice about our "bad" decisions! I like that you didn't do the common "good angel" and "bad devil" on his shoulder thing. Very modern and clever twist on the old morality tales.
Congratulations on your EC. Nice job with the topic. Love the mom's name. :)
A very creative take on the topic - too bad the 750 word limit can't allow you to give more detail into the consequences of the other options. A very enjoyable read - congratulations on the EC.