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How fun! Your descriptive words brought this story to life. Very enjoyable.
This could easily be expanded - I'd love to read more about Gwen and Holly's adventures in the old mansion! I enjoyed this very much.
Wonderful descriptions - you brought these characters, and the mansion, to life so vividly.
Oh my! You've left us in the dark. That is mean:) Will be waiting for a sequel! Great storytelling.
I want to know what happens next! I kept thinking the old man might reappear to play a part in the story. Your descriptions are excellent in their detail.
I like the concept. I'm a little confused about what was happening and which girl did what, but you're a great writer nonetheless! Good job and congrats on making it to Masters!
Cute story, with fun, spunky protagonists.

A few times they seemed to use expressions that wouldn't be used in the 1800s, I think.

I was especially intrigued by the listening fellow--would love to have more background story. Write that book!
This one just begs to be 'finished'! Great job.