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What a fun take on the topic - and what a cool little imagination you have. Wonder if something like this really happened. Very fun.
Hear, hear, hear. It only takes one and the others follow. This is a salutary lesson for Christians to stand firmly for truth in all situations. Oh that there were more of it!
I think Mrs. Palin will definitely stand for us! A nice piece of writing!
Very, very timely, fictional or not. Loved this.
Love this entry! Wow! Too cool! I'll probably forget it's fiction and pass it on to someone -- oh my! LOL!
I can so see this happening which means you did such a great job - very believable! Maybe this will find its way to her one day and she'll comment on your insight. ;) THAT would be so cool.
Super super!! The small details tell us so much about your characters - like the expensive suit contrasting the flannel shirts & work boots for instance. Great story. :) Cat
She gets my vote! Too bad there wasn't more truth in real politics.
Clever title, clever story!
You definitely had me going there! I enjoyed the story.
Such an enjoyable read. I can't believe you thought of this - such a unique take on the topic. :)
What a great story! :)
Go Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!

Palin power! Lipstick in every house!

Whether or not this is about Sarah Palin (can't imagine it would be - Vice President named Sarah, purely a coincidence I'm sure), it makes even us men proud to see a woman stand up and prove she can do it!