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For most of us there is not such a high cost to following Christ. Thank you for the reminder that others must take a much more difficult path.
Well done.
This was deeply moving and very engaging - and heartbreaking. Pretty sure I know who wrote this. I cried. Excellent.
Very well crafted. Loved the boldness of the girls. Thumbs up.
I had no idea. I thought they were beleivers, just lived it out differently.
Very sensitively done.
Very moving. Realistic and heartbreaking. Well done indeed.
this was very well done. I once lived in what is referred to as Amish Country, in Ohio. This really brings back memories. To live such a godly life, but not really know God, such a waste!
I love your stories about the Amish. You presented the struggle so well, and it definitely fits the topic.
This is a new concept to me too. I recognized the phrase, "Wie gehts?" from a German foreign exchange student a couple years ago. :) Excellent writing!
Oh, Dee, this is beautiful! You created a wonderful atmosphere and superb characterization for these brave girls. Really well done!
Beautifully written. Like many of the others I had no idea that the Amish were not Christian in their beleifs. This would be eye opening to many. I did wonder though about the girls already having accepted Jesus and yet they are at their first meeting? Where did they find out about Him? I think you could use a little more insight into their decision. (I know only 750 words!) Good job!
I had no idea the Amish weren't Christians! I learned something AND enjoyed this wonderful story. Great job of showing not telling throughout.