The Official Writing Challenge
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Simply hilarious! Can't we all identify!
Cheers for a perfect parody. Eat your heart out, Edgar! This is an absolute favorite!
This is an absolute masterpiece. Perhaps the best parody I've ever read, here or anywhere. My hat's off to you for this superb accomplishment--and so, so funny, too!
**smile ** Clap, Clap!Excellent!
I think there are a lot of doing the same thing every Thursday. Very creatively expressed.
"Just another Challenge junky that's what I've become"-and how! Let's hear it for the Challenge junkies! Wow. This knocked my socks off-it's got everything to make it stand out and be great: rhythm, rhyme, and humor!
Definitely a test of patience at times! You obviously had great fun writing this!
"Being patient", but really impatient. I know the feeling as I'm sure we all do. I do this at work and quickly have to Alt-Tab to a work tool if my manager walks by. :) Your rhyming and meter are great and my fingers
drummed right along. A really good piece of writing!
Hee hee, this sounds like it was inspired by Jan's recent Master classes about poetry! Well done. I loved the imagery, and laughed aloud at one point. Great job.

(Still sitting on my bum, too!)
Absolutely first-rate (and oh so true!)
LOL! Hilarious stuff here! And oh so true! I sure hope this one places high this week. You might have to sit and wait Thursday morning to see. :)

Awesome creativity with this one!
Oh yes, nothing left to say, this was really good. Sigh, it all too accurately describes my Thursday mornings.

I'm supposed to be at work on Thursday afternoon. I'm paid to get a sore back side.
Very funny. Thanks.
Besides being the perfectly true patience story, this is also awesomely perfect poetry. I love all the rhymes with possibly one exception - bowl of mutton?? :D
Excellent work. Deserves first place.
Look how all that waiting paid off! Congratulations on your Editor's Choice!!!
Congratulations on your EC. This is so funny...probably because it speaks directly to most of the FW readers. Great job with the topic.
Oh, this is great! Love the humor. Congratulations on your EC.
So the folks outside FW might not get it, but who cares, this was awesome. Brilliant rhyme throughout...Congrats on a great EC...I'm going to go read it again.
Tim, everytime I think of this I laugh. What you did is amazing. (I can't even imagine the amount of time this would have taken to write.) I'm so glad this received an EC. Congrats!!
Very unique and hilarious rhyming! :)