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I'll add this to my "entertain angels unaware" stories as a favorite.
Lovely! I, too, love angels unawares stories. Thanks!
This is wonderfully written. I especially love your characterization of the salesman/angel.

I'm not clear on what was the point of the angelic visit.

This has a very cinematic quality--I could picture every bit of it vividly.
This was touching. I loved the discovery of the feather...lovely lesson.
*smile* I knew it! I wonder how often we are tested like this? Would we pass?
Well done.
Mr. Finley's description and actions are vivid, placing the reader into the scene. Beautifully written and loved the "feather."
I love your description of this salesman. Very good. With more words you could tell us exactly what he was doing there, I'm sure. This would be a great story to expand on.
Thank you for your endnote. I'd just figured out he must have been an angel. Though you're mc was patient in tribulation, I was thoroughly entertained. A very nice piece of writing!
Heavenly! I didn't see that ending coming at all, but you definitely made a case for patience with this story.
Each impatient thought is tempered with Amanda's compassion, which is great because it shows us how to practice this particularly challenging fruit of the spirit.
I wanted you to do something with the children's books, as I thought it would be some sort of symbol. I expected her to see one of her old time favorite children stories (perhaps one on patience--or patience with clumsy people ;)) left behind rather than the feather. I love the clumsy, unassuming nature of the angel.
Another wonderful entry my friend. I always loved that verse about attending angels unaware. Great writing!
Great story. I was curious as to why the feather had a faint floral smell. Well done.
Too short! I wanted to know more. The ending was a little abrupt, but I like the point illustrated. Very good writing.
I was thinking of the scripture you ended with as I was reading! Lovely writing job, and a great reminder.
I actually did see the ending coming, but it didn't take away my enjoyment of this story. We do have to be careful, because we never really know who might be one of those undercover angels. Great illustration of the topic and a good lesson for us all.