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Very unsettling.. I was a bit confused at times... but if anything, it added to the unsettled feeling which I believe is what you were going for. The point of the story isn't spelled out and that left me hanging a bit.. but reading through it again.. I think it is a warning of what may yet be to come? And I am struck with who really had the true patience... Sue...patient to the very end.

All in all.. very powerful. I will have this story in my mind for days.
Wow, I love the suspense of this piece. Haunting. Love it:)
This is a real thought-provoker! I assume Robert's not a Christian, but he sympathizes with Christians...still--we're asked to sympathize with his acts of murder (even though he's "taking out" persecuters of Christians)...LOTS to think about, and beautifully written!
Your story is wonderfully suspenseful.
Great characterization of the MC, but I sure wish I could read the rest of the story! Tell me what happens next-OK?!
Quite a cliff-hanger! Since he said "whatever God" it's pretty clear he's not a Christian, but hope in the next installment(?) he becomes one. Maybe patient Sue? Great writing!
Wow this was quite the brain tickler. I really liked the suspense and the though you provoke with it. Great writing!
Sheeesh, spelling errors seem to be my 'thing' this week. I meant to say 'thought', not 'though'.
Very well-written piece....I'm very curious to know more about the story. Why is it called "Broken" Hour Glass? It's definitely a thought-provoker!
Love the suspense, and there is lots of it! I wish I understood better who is on what side, and what the sides are, but I was engrossed all the way through.
Very intriguing read! It took me a few paragraphs to capture the plot, but when I did I was eager to discover the conclusion. Nice job.
The suspense in this piece was incredible. I felt like there was more to the story than you were able to share, but what you have here is very good.

I too was a bit confused on the title and how it related to the story, but that didn't detract form the story itself.

Thank you for sharing this!