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I know nothing about poetry but you kept me hooked all the way through. And some great lessons in there!
This was cute and made me smile. Well done.

I especially liked the rhyme of "worker" and "shirker".
I think too often we're like Amanda Ant... "Go to the ant, thou sluggard, and be wise."
Thanks for the creative reminder to be content.
Well, I'd like to be a patient and hard-working ant, but I think I'm more like Amanda than I'd care to admit! You captured many of the personalities of we frail humans in an original and humorous manner!
This was fun, creative, with a wonderful message. Loved it!
Illustrations! As usual, very well done.
You know how to reach adults and children (the child in me :)with your poetry. This would be wonderful fleshed out (a few more character details for each ant) and illustrated in a book for children. I appreciate the irony in it--an ANT who is impatient! Ha! One teensy detail here; unless I read it wrong, "Miranda" is used in one of the concluding stanzas when, I think, it's supposed to be "Amanda" ant.
What a fun entry, as always! You certainly are NOT a shirker when it comes to providing us with great reads each week!
A cute story told with good meter and rhyme.

I'll be thinking in meter and rhyme now for some time.

Love your little poem; a very imaginative piece.
What a fun way to teach a lesson on patience and kindness. As always, the meter and rhyme are right on.
This made me smile. I loved the ryhm, love the message too. Only thing that tripped me up was when Miranda got resurrected. lol
Well done my faithwriter friend. Well done!
Great fun. I can see the pictures that go with it. The kid in all of us is happy. Well done.
A very pleasant poem!
Great job with rhyme, meter, tone, message, everything!
Very clever and a pleasure to read. Some great rhymes and a bouncy rhythm. You said "Miranda" one time where I think you meant Amanda - for a minute I thought they might have been in the afterlife. No biggie - I really enjoyed your poem.
Your poems are always so much fun. I really enjoy reading them, and this one was a unique take on this week's topic. :)
This is good! Wonderful take on this topic - very creative. :)
Love the "peace-makers" like Cassandra Ant. :) Thanks for an enjoyable read.
Too fun! And so creative. Wonderful rhyme and meter, clever phrasing. I love it!
Oh, I love this, Verna!!! Clever and entertaining, and as usual, out of the box rhyming. Superb!
I love this sequel. What fun! :)