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Very fun and imaginative! I love the crazy jobs. Although turkey farmer is definitely (obviously)the least crazy... we had turkeys when I was a kid too.

Anyway.. you had me tense and hoping they would be next!
Oh, Dee, I love your mostalgia-rich pieces. I don't suppose there are many people around who remember this wonderful game show--I loved it!

Really fun, light-hearted piece. Terrific reading.
One reason I enjoyed this show was that I had actually seen it on a field trip to New York with a high school senior class. The other reason is for the excellence of the writing. Your mc was so real, and the sarcastic voice was fun.
oh... all the way through, I"m saying to myself "Pick her, Pick her! Hurry up!"
Well written!
I hate to admit I'm old enough to remember this show! What a cute, creative take on the topic. Sorry she didn't get to meet her hero, but maybe she wouldn't have walked away with 50 bucks. :-) Great writing!
How in the world did you ever think of writing this story? How funny. You never cease to amaze me! Awesome work, as always!!!
How in the world did you ever think of writing this story? How funny. You never cease to amaze me! Awesome work, as always!!!
Wow! How did you remember so many details, or even come up with this for the topic? Very creative! I definitely remember people talking about this show, but my family didn't own a TV at the time. You did an excellent job of making us feel the contestant's impatience.
Oh, I love this! I'm not old enough to remember this version of "What's My Line" as live TV, but I fell in love with the reruns on Game Show Network. I can't tell you how many episodes I watched over the years, and I felt like I knew all of those guys. So when you mention John Daly (my favorite), and Bennett, and Dorothy, and Arlene, I felt like you were talking about old friends. (Oh, and I loved it when Steve Allen was on the panel. Another favorite.)

Thanks for the memories!
Shades of black and white TV! I remember the show too—but they never showed us what was going on backstage. Thanks for the wonderful glimpse.
I've seen old episodes of this show on TV, and so I was able to follow along with the story quite easily. A very fun blast to the past!
I feel a little lost....guess I'm too young and haven't seen the reruns. Maybe it would help me if I knew the context better, rather than trying to figure out the inside joke. :)
I really liked this. I think it was my favorite entry all week so far.
Fab, creative, witty, just incredible! Now what else was I going to say? I forgot my line. ;)
Excellent creativity Dee! This is great!