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Och, I love a guid Scottish brogue! Makes me long tae set doon by the loch a wee!

(Actually, I've never set foot in Scotland in my life, but I sure want to!)

Your story was delightful. Very sensory. I hope you enjoyed writing it as much as I enjoyed reading it.
What a fun take on the topic. Being a rodeo fan, I truly enjoyed reading this from the bull's perspective. A+ for entertaining and creativity.
Hmmm... I may know who wrote this just cause you sure have the rodeo talk down pat. I love bull riding and it was great seeing it from the bulls perspective. I enjoyed every word of this story. Nice job!
Delightful story! My Scottish ancestors would be proud of you!
This has to be one of my favorite titles ever! I love the Scottish brogue going on in this bull's head. Wonderful descriptions, too!
this was great fun!
My money was all the bull from the start! I'm glad he won! :)
This story from the bull's perspective is so creative. You're Scottish brogue added to that. A lot of fun reading this. Great writing!
Your story is both entertaining and creative. The repetition of the scottish phrase throughout created a rhythm for this story, and tied it all together. Excellent!
PLEASE don't tell any of my rodeo friends, but I was rooting for the bull in this story. Way to go, Butterscotch. The fair grounds are just across the highway from our subdivision. We can hear the rodeo announcer clearly in the evenings. (RODEO is BIG around here.) Great job. I enjoyed this!
I have never ever rooted for a bull before. Don't think I've ever rooted for a cowboy on a bull before either! But anyway, there is a first time for everything. Loved this! Very very creative!!!
Really fun to read. I could see the action and feel Butterscotch's thoughts. Good job.
The suspense drips from your words as you make us bide a wee for the ride to start. The thoughts of the bull were perfectly placed and I love the brogue. Excellent!!!
I was on the edge of my seat! Congratulations on a well-deserved win !
Wowzer, Lynda, you're on a roll!!!! Way to go, and congratulations! ;)
LOL! This was fantastic! I had so much fun reading it, congrats on your win.
I'm SOOOO glad this won 1st place. Congratulations!!!
I love, love, love this! I'm a fan of rodeo and bull riding anyway. Reading from the bull's perspective was such a treat! I have to admit, I doubt I'll watch bull riding again without thinking about the bull! Glad you took first place, this was very enjoyable!
Congratulations on your 1st place. This is a very creative story for this topic, and very well written. Nice job.
Congrats - this is a wonderfully unusual story. I was with the bull all the way!
Love the suspense and descriptions. Congratulations on your 1st place win!
Oh my, this was excellent! I loved this...congrats on your big win!
An absolute pleasure to read - How did you come up with that idea? Congratulations for a well deserved first place. Keep writing, 'cause we'll keep reading.
Congrats Lynda! This is super!
Congratulations Lynda! What a fun read!