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HAHAHAHA... this was awesome! Excellent writing. Very funny. I could see this being a part of a book.
That was so rich in character. That was a master read in the difference between show and tell. You showed the Patience through how all the others reacted to her. Well done.
You're truly a master at drawing people into your story. The imagery and characterization are powerful. I loved the voice; in fact, I loved the whole story.
words fail me!
Absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt one of best I've read this year!

God bless that man! The town shurely owes him BIGTIME!
Oh my! What a character...the ending of this fun story was perfect. I could nearly taste the dust from your apt descriptions of the Old West.
LOL! "Patience would lean forward and get That Look in her eyes. I can't fully describe That Look, 'cause I'm afraid young'uns might be readin' this." I think this is where I laughed the hardest. You, see I know Patience...she's my mother, red hair and all! Great writing!
Very creative story. And did I mention fun to read? Nice job!
I love the voice - you used just the right amount of humor. I bit of pinkish ink: I'm not sure if the tense change from present to past is wrong in any way; it worked at any rate. I enjoyed this!
Congratulations, Betsy!!!!
This is hilarious! I love stories that actually make me laugh out loud. Great job!
Congratulations on your EC. This was very fun to read, with some great descriptions, and a creative take on the topic. Nice job.
This was a blast! Love it, love it, love it! :) Congrats on your EC!
A great voice painted wonderful imagery and told a very entertaining tale. And too many good lines to count. Well deserving of an EC - Congratulations!
Wow, Betsy! This is super, from its rich detail to its humor. I'm so glad it received recognition at Level 4 and an EC!!! Congrats!
LOL - Yup, I laughed out loud at your last line... What a great story. Congrats on your second place win! My favorite line: Most likely she'll throw the nearest glass just to hear it shatter, before continuing in a hiss that would terrify a cobra.