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Oooh...can you write the rest of it? I want to see him get his comeuppance...
Get 'im Lauren!!! :) I wish I could have been there to see the look on Bob's face when Christy came in the room. I love Lauren's prayer for them to have a miserable time, and then hoping the problem would go away. Great story!!
Very good characterization, especially through your dialog.
May be me, but the "conversion" seemed a bit too easy.
That definitely DID take courage. Glad your MC had it :)
So that's what it's called, (from your first paragraph) the "ask me more" look. :) Love it! I like the ending with Bob being confronted by Christy, but I was a little worried for Bob's wife Carol (not that Carol shouldn't know, but.. ). Excellent story for the topic.
That was a very interesting story...leading to a lot of thinking about what the mc should have done. I can't help but wish she had been a little ask Bob how his wife and children were in front of her friend before she spent the week-end with him, and/or tell the pastor of the church about his charade, lest he mislead the young people. See how brave I can be when I'm not involved! I like how you left it open-ended.
Busted! I was surprised Bob was who he was. I thought he was going to be an old boyfriend of hers, and that's how she knew him. This was a good read.