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Very enjoyable and believable. I could see it all in my mind very clearly. Well done.
(The title was jumped out and made this the first article I read.)
Considering Lee's reaction to the new Elizabeth, giving up playing ball might not be such a bad thing. Very good story.
The title drew me in and I was not disappointed. I could easily picture this young girl and your story made me think of gentler times. Very enjoyable read.
I really liked this story about a little girl stepping into the world of young woman-hood. You did a fine job on this one my friend.
Very well written. I love to read stories from this era and this did not disappoint. It flowed beautifully and was great!
Wonderful characterization of your MC especially. I love how much of a struggle it was for her, and how devoted she was to doing it for her mother's sake.
I liked your story and take on the subject. Very well-written.
**smile** Something tells me that Lee doesn't think of her as a little girl anymore. What we girls go through to impress the boys!
This was delightful. You've captured the era well. Those were the days... Blessings, Cheri
I enjoyed reading all the "rules". I'm rather glad I'm not quite so genteel. :0 We all project an image of some kind, though, don't we? Nice job.

Hmm. Seems like Elizabeth is the only one who doesn't like her charade. Extremely well written, this reads just beautifully - fitting for the era being described.
Delightful story. I love the era it is set in, but the charade still goes on.
I truly enjoyed stepping back to a gentler, genteel time in your story. I felt like I knew your mc...and liked her.
While reading this I had to check the length of my dress, then I realized I was wearing slacks. *horrors* What would the Genteel Ladies think? I enjoyed this very much!
The smooth writing style and descriptions draws your reader into the mind of Elizabeth. Loved it!
I like your story of a young lady "coming of age" as it used to be called. I can see the long skirts and dainty mincing steps. A nicely brushstroked image of a more genteel time.
So I'm strolling along, engrossed in this well-written, witty tale, and then you burst me into a snort and a wheeze with this line: She was very careful to modulate her laughter, although a horse laugh threatened to erupt at any moment.

Oh my goooooodness, that was funny. This was an Extremely clever approach to the topic...a keeper for sure. ;)
This was precious. For a minute I thought I was reading one of Catherine Cookson's stories. The Genteel Lady thing was well spelled out in this good tale. You have a great talent. How about taking over where Catherine Cookson left off? I have read most of her books. Now she IS no more. I love tales like this...Helen