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Well written and believable. Makes you wonder how much of Mona's "family perfection" is a charade too...forced by a very controlling mother. It looks good, but is it?
For a "perfect" family, Mona's surely comes across as "holier-than-thou." I could SO feel your MCs anxiety and struggles. This touched me in many ways.
This was a well written entry--right on topic. I couldn't help but think there were two families with charades. I like how the mc found peace with both situations.
This is an excellent slant on the topic. We Christians often play charades, don't we? You accurately portrayed how it so often works.
Very good writing, and so realistic. This situation must repeat itself thousands of times every Sunday. I want to know more about Mona's family--the inside scoop. Nice job with the topic.
I want to cheer for your MC!! I love this entry - great writing and a true-to-life circumstance. Well played. :) Cat
As a mother with imperfect kids (they take after their mom :) )I could really relate to this. Bravo for your MC doing what she did. Her faith spoke volumes in this.