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This truly shows the struggles with flesh that we battle and how much easier it is to live that way then according to the Spirit. Oh how we need the Lord and how wonderful that He never stops seeking after us.
You've voice the struggle many of us go through.
This is a creative take on the topic. I wish to be see free as well. ...96, 97, 98, 99, 100...ready or not here I come!
Oh yes, how true it is! Wonderful way to engage spiritual truth. Well done.
You tell a tale all too many people can relate to. Losing weight is a "losing" battle...we wish! But losing guilt is just as hard to do. God made us each with a distinct personality, and only He can help us either to lose the weight we should, or help us to cope the best we can...Despite our weight, God can use us. Thankfully God does not look on the outside. He looks in the heart. I know it is our responsibility to keep our bodies healthy, and God can help. But like you picture in your article, we can't hide from our problem, just like we can't hide from God...My heart goes out to you...Helen
Well, this was written for me and for lots of people I know.. the struggle, the failure, the hiding, the escaping, the calling, the freedom, the joy, the falling once again.. YOU made me realize I am so not alone.. we are all in this together.. GREAT JOB in capturing everyman's heart.. or woman's at least!
You have really creatively shown our sinful hearts as we try to hide from God. But we rejoice to remember that He always seeks us when we've gotten lost.
Love the way you presented this message. The arm flab is something I definitely can relate to. I enjoyed this very much.
Great writing uncovering emotions we deal with.
The truth shall set you free! Praying for you, Hally. Writing helps, doesn't it?
A message we ALL need to hear and presented in such an authentic manner. Excellent.
You share many great truths here. This is very convicting. This is written in a very down-to-earth, easy-to-understand manner. Great job! Great devotion!
It was all good. Enjoyed every line from top to bottom. I liked the title, tried to think of how to spell it myself to use it, but had to scratch that idea for the stinker I wrote.
Great job. God bless.