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What a wonderful tribute to those who are often forgotten by men, but never by God. Well done.
I have had many such faces in my journey of faith, and also desire to be a face in others' bridges. Thank you for the reminder to be one.
Masterfully constructed and an incredible message and tribute. Loved this.
Laura, it doesn't help me one bit that you are sitting right in front of me. :) I loved this POV and the beauty of its truth as well as the beauty of the writing.
Extremely creative and expertly presented. And reading ur work made me feel good. Great job. God bless.
This deeply touched me, and made me reflect back to the faces that made a difference in my life. Wonderful message!
So creative, and something we should all think about it. I *really* liked this.
Wow ... super creative and beautifully written . I love how you specifically shared... they were a bridge of truth, of hope, etc. Excellent.
This is definitely a favorite of mine this week. What a wonderful picture you've painted of those who were a bridge to you, as well as your desire to be a bridge to others. You are, dear Girl!
Very nicely written and touching. Reading this reminded of the people in my past ... thank you.
Laura, you're so good! And this was so wonderfully written and such a tribute to those whose lives affected us. A great piece and a definite winner! Trust me! Kudos, dearheart.
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful tribute to those unsung heroes in your life who helped shape you into the person you are today.

You are such a sweet person, and I have no doubt that all of these individuals contributed to that sweet and gentle spirit of yours.

I hope this places high this week.
Beautiful! It's like collage of photos, each with their own story. If you're like me, 750 words is not near enough to name them all.
Wow! This is great. I am thankful for all those same kind of faces in my life that made a difference to this young lost 16 year old who could have a chance at not repeating her homelife because of Jesus.
If this doesn't place I'll be surprised. You have captured forever a cast of those who listened to the Lord and reached out. Beautiful, just beautiful.
Your writing can't help but touch us since these faces are all a part of the body of Christ. A tenderly written personal narrative. Thank you. :)
Wow-beautiful rendition of the people in our lives who have shown the Lord's love and care to us through their own actions. Very well written! Love it.
Beautifully done!
Moving and unique take on the topic my friend, and a lovely tribute to those whom the Lord used to guide you onto bridges that spanned life's obstacles.
Excellent! Excellent! Your "Bridge of Faces" left me thinking, "Wish I had written that!" It sums up the story of my early life. I thought I was good for nothing, had no talents. But I found out later that I did have a few, and have used them for God's glory, as you have. This was just such a wonderful entry on Bridges. I don't know why you didn't win first. But you did, in many people's eyes, according to the comments you have received. Well deserved...God bless you...Helen
Thank you LauraLee for being a bridge to so many souls out there--letting God's light shine through your writing. God bless you in all you do, every day for Him!