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This is the best one I have read yet. I love how you described His feelings as a rainbow of emotions. I was touched, strengthened and inspired by this piece. You did such a wonderful job, thank you.
Just beautiful. It called to mind many promises from the Bible, but in particular, the 23rd Pslams. And then, too something Martlin Luther King, Jr., once said - that you can not chase away darkness with darkness, it takes light. God has called this MC to be that light. Great job!
I'm moved to tears! This is exquisite--an absolutely authentic unveiling of spiritual intimacy with the Beloved, and the cost of discipleship. But oh! that "meadow of emerald green", and His eyes caressing, His hand outstretched. . . My eyes may be reading your piece, but my spirit and soul are inhaling! Wow.
Absolutely beautiful and masterful and lovely and anointed. Poetry in prose. Wonderful.
Wow. So many will be able to relate to this. He never promised us that we would not face hardships, but He did promise to help us along the way. Your title and your story perfectly illustrate this fact. Wonderful and very powerful writing!
Wow is right my friend. Perfect in every way. This touches to the very soul of our lives so beautifully.
The emotions are so raw and beautiful. I read it through tears.
Amy... He is already using your journey to brighten the light of others. So glad you shared this with us. Absolutely gorgeous.
Add another WOW. Very well done ... very real ... very moving.
How very beautiful, Amy! And right out of a heart full of questions about your physical condition and the promise of the presence of God to be with you on the path He has chosen for you. God bless your sweet heart!
I don't know how this will place in the judging (high, I hope) but it is certainly a winner in God's book. You are a light that has brightened lives you know nothing about. Well done.
This is beautiful, and filled with truth. Your pain management class will be blessed.
Wow, this is a beautiful piece. So true...the path IS hard, and life DOES hurt...but He is the strength of our heart and our portion forever. Well done.
Masterful writing! You have the ability to capture and convey emotion, faith and love and pass it on to others. A definite winner in my book!
Beautiful, Amy! It was as if I was there in your place when I first was diagnosed. So many times it was only His strength that carried me over the bridge, His arm holding me up, His face beckoning me to draw nearer. I understand all too well. My last 12 years have been a difficult journey as I travel the path laid before me, hopefully bringing Light to a dimming flame. But, I can testify that as the years pass, although the pain is always there, God's faithfulness never fails. When we are weak, He is strong ... His strength is perfected in our weakness. Therefore, as Paul said, if I must boast, I will boast in my weakness for therein my God is proven STRONG! God bless!
Amy, you did a spectacular job of creating this story. Having read your bio about having fibromyalgia, this story was so fitting. You carried the reader along with you, in fear, in panic, in trust; then in fear, panic again, until you took Jesus' hand and felt His strength...Wonderful story telling. No wonder you are in Masters'....Helen
Amy, I too have fibro, have had it for 19 years, and know the price of pain and the journey you describe. This is such a beautiful piece of inspired writing that will minister to everyone, not just those of us with fibro. God always uses our trials to bless others if we trust Him with them and keep our focus on Him instead of our pain. Bless you!
Wow! and Wow! This is incredible. I have tears, chills, and goosebumps. Thank you so much for being brave enough to write this. I can't help but wonder if it was possibly my candle that was flickering, about to go out because you and Jesus have certainly helped my inner candle take hold and glow. Again all I can say is Wow! And Thank you and I hope Jesus blesses you and eases some of your pain for a bit.