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Oh my! Incredible imagery. The last stanza especially was quite unforgettable.
O my. This is gripping. Totally. Great job.
Yes, a chilling reminder worded so poignantly, vividly and hauntingly. You've been missed Helen.
Oh my! I have clicked onto a masterpiece written by a master of everything she writes. What a truly compelling piece. Kudos. Big time, Helen!
Oh wow... every word painted a picture and stirred emotions. Amazing.
I appreciate the explanation that you gave at the end. At first I read this and didn't quite understand what was being discussed, but then I went back and re-read it after your explanation, and all I can say is WOW! Masterful word usage here. Thank you for sharing this.
I just now got around to reading a few entries, and I knew immediately that this was yours--no one else I know has your unique combination of tremendous talent and even more tremendous compassion. This had "Helen" stamped all over it. Outstanding, and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves!
To say so much in just a few words is amazing..I had pictured the Somme or Bridge over the river Kwai, so appreciated the wide-ranging explanation at the end. Congratulations.
Wow. Amazing to think that so many people have actually lived (and died) through such realities. Well done.
Helen, how satisfying to find this piece after my long hiatus from FW! As usual, your breathtaking imagery transports me straight out of my comfort zone with bold, sweeping strokes of artistry. . You used the concise power of free verse to draw me into the horror, to actually identify compassionately with something I can only imagine in a nightmare. Unforgettable!