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Clever and very descriptive and creative. Neat imagery.
I loved this illustration. I can sooo see it as a teen drama. Really. This made me feel good. :)
Your creativity blew me away. The repetition and the variations of the sounds were quite effective to build to the perfect ending.
Ha creative and tangy like a fresh grapefruit.
Great, fresh writing to make your message memorable. Super job! God bless.
Oh wow... excellent imagery. Makes me want to build that sparkly wall myself!
You're creativity is amazing. I love the dialogue here.
This is so creative it blew me away. You have the teen thing right down pat! Great piece! Kudos!!
What a creative take on this week's topic. A very good illustration of what building walls does to us and the power of kind words.
Very cute and creative take to the topic. I enjoyed your writing.
I like all the "slap-thunk-boing" in this one--made it fun. I kept trying to figure out how to dramatize this. Could make a really cute skit.
I enjoyed reading this, you did a really good job!
Very creative. Realistic voice for teens, which is how I pictured your characters. Nicely done.
I loved all the sound effects. This was a very, very creative entry. Love certainly built a bridge here between two friends. Yes, I think she might have had help from "Someone".

Umm Licorice Jellybean Cookies???
Ooooh! LOVED this! The imagery is good and I can definitely relate to this-as I'm sure others can. I loved the italics, how you used them and the bubbles. LOL-very fun way to get to the topic. This is a favorite of mine this week! ^_^
A wall and bridge of bubbles - amazing! Great imagination. :)
Too bad adults can't mend their bridges as easily. Good object lessons for us who are older and have bridges that have holes...Just had one happen. It hurts....If only...Oh well, "Someone" can mend the bridge. We have left it in His hands....Thanks for the lesson....Helen
Beautiful imagery, Yvonne. I love the idea that we can dissolve our walls with powerful solutions of forgiveness and remembered acts of love.
Oh I love this. What a brilliant idea, turning a wall into a bridge. I loved the inner dialog or maybe it was meant to be spoken aloud,but either way, it developed an amazing character.

The onomatopeia was perfect. It added so much to the story. I enjoy reading older stories. It's nice to see how the writer grows. You were brilliant 8 years ago, and even more so now.

I bet you noticed the exclamation points when you reread them and thought you should cut some out because you don't need them. Your great word choice does the exclaiming for you. I loved your variety of onomatopeia too, even the hmm and humph in the actual dialog.

You are so talented. If you've never done anything with this story, I think you should. I'm sure you didn't originally plan it as a picture or early chapter book, but since that's my favorite genre, I tend to lean in that direction. I could see this as a best seller if you had the right illustrator. I can't help you with the drawings, but if there is anything I can do to help you, I'd be delighted. I'd love to read this to my granddaughter when she's a bit bigger.