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What a beautiful reminder of Christ, the greatest and best of Bridge-builders. Nicely done.
Wonderful! Wonderful message; wonderful poem; wonderful BRIDGE. How very great is the bridge that spanned the gap between sinful man and God. I love your poem. May God richly bless you....Helen
I loved this--it flowed beautifully and the message is timeless.
Oh, just beautiful and poignant and masterfully crafted. Wonderful message, exceptionally presented. This blessed me.
Totally anointed!! Your beautiful imagery, masterful rhyme and rhythm, and irresistibly warm tone have woven a breathtaking version of the Greatest Story Ever Told. This poem deserves a really gripping title, I think. I cherish the Father's tender interaction with His Son, and also your final image of seekers walking "across that timeless bridge, the cross of Calvary." An absolute treasure!
Way, way good. I read it, then sung it. SUper job and great ministry. God bless.
This poem is amazing and beautiful in every way. Wonderful writing and I especially love the last stanza, bringing it all together. Fantastic!
Beautiful poem. I like how you started with the wood Christ used as a child and comparing it to the wood that would be used to bridge the gap. Definately Masterful writing.
You've left nothing out in your beautiful poem of salvation. Your outstanding gift of poetry is revealed through this awesome message.
I can totally see this being a song. Beautiful.
"When You were just a little boy and saving scraps of wood
To make a slingshot, toy or boat like Joseph said You could,
Were You aware of what a role that wood was bound to play
In bringing to fruition all God's plans for You some day?"

I love this first stanza! I never thought abotu Jesus working with wood as a carpenter's son and then later that wood also playing a part in His sacrifice.

Beautiful poem. Praise God for bridging the gap that sin created in our lives!
The greatest story ever told, and retold, has never been told better than this. What a lovely poem, dear friend. Two thumbs up.
A beautifully crafted poem that flows with the beauty of the story. You mske this look so easy Mariane - wow!
Inspiring,as always. Fantastic writing.
Poetry always amazes me and you did a fantastic job on this one.
Marianne, you've done it again with the beauty of your poetry. Tears flowed as I read this. You are a master storyteller in verse. Beautiful, truly beautiful.
You are so amazing. This is very much the piece I wanted to write but couldn't. Well done.
Beautiful sentiments expressed here, Marianne. Lovely!
Beautifully written.
Mariane, dear friend, you are such a master poet. As a poet myself, I started out reading with the craft in mind, but quickly became totally involved in the sublime message, just as you intended. You wove your wand of art and heart and created a poem that will glorify our dear Savior forever. Perfect in every way! What a delight and inspiration your writing always is! Thank you for this blessing!