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The story is so strong in itself, you could have left out the conversation between the boy and his grandfather and not done it any harm. Excellent story.
Oh, I LOVE it - and I think the dialog between grandfather and son adds much to the piece. Great stuff. :D
I enjoyed this allegory. The voice of the sea is often enticing but the solid bridge, though not necessarily the easy path, is the only way that will get us where we want to go. Well told. Good job.
Great allegory... I loved this line. "His back was a broken mast; his eyebrows, two whitecaps above storm-filled eyes." I totally could see him.
Lots of allegory this week, and this was a mighty fine one. I really enjoyed this tale. I'm so thankful for the sturdy bridge that he laid down for me to cross.
This is a fantastic story and in my opinion a winner. It is certainly one of the best I have read. It is my favorite one.
Oooh, Karen, you sure can weave a tale girl. I could visualise everything and having the boy talking with his Grandfather at the end reminded me of "The Princess Bride". Excellent take on the topic.
I love to find a great story. Glad I found this one.
What a great story teller you are! And the dialog is so good, too. Big time kudos!!
Hey, this I liked. Clever and crisp. Great voice, like your a master or something :)
God bless.
Your descriptions are brilliant, and the message subtly tucked in is powerful. Well done.
Love the allegory and your words richly describe the meaning. Thank you. :)
Well done. My favorite line was also the description of the old man which some others have already quoted.