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Wow! This blew me away. So creative and so compelling.
There seem to be a couple of words missing, or extra, in the third and fourth paragraphs, but that is so minor in the light of the beauty of this piece. You've presented a unique perspective to the Passover and to Christ's life. Very good work.
Oh so creative take on the topic! Masterfully told and completely engaging. Much to ponder here!
Your tender speculation of this scene drew me to contemplate an irony I had never considered about Jesus participating in the prescribed sacrifices. Beautiful!
What a perspective. This is outstanding, masterful in every way.
I enjoyed the layers of ministry here. It was good from many perspectives. Great job. God bless.
Oh wow... never thought about this part of Jesus' life. Wonderful insights.
This really got me thinking. Just when I think there are no more fresh takes on Biblical topics, I end up getting surprised. This was really really good! I loved your ending line.
It doesn't get much better than this! Your entry is so creative that I could only wish I'd entered it! Kudos. Big time!
I must say, you certainly used your imagination and ingenuity here to create such a fine story. I loved it all the way through. But I especially loved the reference you made about the old shepherd and his memories of Yeshua's birth. All I can say further about this entry is, EXCELLENT. I know you have a wonderful talent and you are using it for God's glory....Helen
This was very well done. It's good to see things from a different POV, makes us stop and think. I really liked this one.
I like this story of Jesus and His ever awareness of His someday sacrifice for us.
And THIS is why you are in Masters!

I loved the shepherd saying "I was there that night, fifteen springs ago. I saw the angels announce Your birth.. This is the stuff that goosebumps are made of. Wonderful Ruth, just wonderful
This is certainly a facet of Jesus' life that I never really thought about. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of how things might have been.