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Very intense, with incredibly vivid descriptions. I was right there with you throughout.
The descriptions were vivid and the suspense held me fast.
Your suspenseful story had me in its grip, beginning to end--great job!
As always, God is in control.
Wonderful entry.
Great reader interest! Super suspense and the ending tied it all up nice and neat. Overall super job. God bless.
OOOHHHH.. very suspenseful and the ending gave me chills. Awesome, powerful writing!
Suspenseful and gripping all the way through and so well told! Kudos. And don't worry about all the people who read it and didn't comment. That's true of all of our entries. Be encouraged! You're doing fine, dearheart.
Wow. You did a superb job of building suspense. I felt like I was with Tom out running the blaze. Oh and your ending, so good!
Well, now that I've come down off the ceiling I might be able to comment. This was riveting. The descriptions were very good, and I loved the action. Very well done.
This well-written story served as a perfect bridge to the inviting beginning and the twist at the end. Well done.
I was holding my breath as I read this and breathed a sigh of relief as your MC reached the other side of the bridge. A bright drop of humour amongst the burning embers was You might want to hurry, though. . Definitely God's hand on the bridge in this one. Loved it from beginning to end.
Ooooh, goosebumps. :)
I like this one. The energy in it is clear from the beginning. I love how you used all the senses to make me feel like Tom, breathing in the make me fear like Tom, only steps away from sure death. I liked (a lot) how you ended it with "The Bridge was supposed to be removed yesterday."

Nice, nice. Very nice job. :)